Uncover Your Potential, Expand Your Impact & Accelerate Your Success

As Marketers, our job is to help clients become the hero of their story. However, don't we all deserve to be the hero of our own story?


How often have you found yourself in this situation... You feel as if you're spending all your time and energy managing clients and helping them move the needle forward. However, the more clients you manage the less time and freedom you have within your own life. You find yourself working longer hours, your relationships struggle and you feel as if your perfect life never gets any closer.

Some entrepreneurs believe BIGGER is better and hiring employees to manage the workload is the only solution. Although this concept might be more desirable for some entrepreneurs, others understand that bigger isn't always better.

Imagine if you could generate more income and get BIG by staying small. What if you could increase your impact without sacrificing all your time and energy? What if you could design your perfect life and uncover the roadmap to achieve it as quickly as possible? If this excites you and you're committed to creating a new change in your life, then I'll see you inside the Academy!

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I believe we all have a responsibility to uncover our purpose and fulfill our unique vision. Sadly, most people go through life tolerating their circumstances, never uncovering the remarkable life they’re capable of. When I created the change in my life I was looking for, I also discovered my purpose along the way; to help Marketers reshape their mindset, increase their impact and live the life they've always dreamed of. 


I’m incredibly blessed to be in the position I’m in today. God has brought extraordinary people my way and they have helped me transform into the person I am today. It is because of their guidance that I am able to serve others in a very meaningful way.

I believe we are all capable of living a remarkable life, however it doesn't happen by accident. I've learned that finding the right mentor and being held accountable are the fastest ways to success. I'm honored to be in a position to lead others and when you're ready, I look forward to helping you create the change you've been waiting for.

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Mike Wagner: ''If you've ever been a part of a well run Mastermind you know how powerful they can be. I can say, without hesitation, that participating in Masterminds has contributed more to the success and personal development that I have experienced over the last several years than any other activity. And if you've not yet experienced all that a high quality Mastermind can offer you and your business, I encourage you to do so! Of course, you've got to choose the right Mastermind, lead by the right person. To me, you can't do much better than Chris. He knows what it takes to succeed but more importantly, he knows how to help others succeed and cares enough to go the extra mile toward that end. I know I'll be there!''

Alex Pardo: ''Every once in awhile you get the opportunity to work with someone that completely exceeds your expectations, and that is exactly how I feel about Chris. Aside from being an extremely talented marketer who understands direct response marketing, funnels, conversion rate optimization, facebook ads, etc., he communicates clearly and is constantly going above and beyond. He designed our entire website and funnel in half the time he originally told us, and is doing an awesome job managing our facebook marketing. If you have the chance to work with Chris, I highly recommend you do! He genuinely cares about his clients success, and I'm grateful I was able to connect with someone who understands marketing, and is all about serving his customers.''

Brett Iwanowicz: ''I never understood why someone would pay to hire a coach or join a mastermind, but that changed as soon as I started my journey in personal development. At one point in my career found myself in a position of fight or flight, either I face my fears head on and make myself uncomfortable, or I could keep killing myself working at things that would never turn my dreams into a reality. I discovered that even the most successful athletes and entrepreneurs have coaches, its like swapping a Honda civic for a Ferrari, both will get you to the same place, but one of them will get you to your destination much faster! Chris has been an incredible asset in my life, he is extremely knowledgeable in his field, he is honest, hardworking, he will be in your corner fighting for you helping you towards your specific goals!!''

Jared Quackenbush: ''Chris has been very instrumental in helping me grow my new business. Whether it's helping me build sales funnels, brainstorming, or coaching, he consistently provides value and genuinely cares about my success as a business owner and as a person!''